Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tamale Pie with Knorr Mexican Rice

Tamale Pie
With Knorr Mexican Rice

An Evening at S&M Ranch!

Tamale Pie
Tamale Pie
Its your typical beautiful spring day with lots of pain and lots of gain at The S&M Ranch.  Ballin', working in the yard, bathing the Lady outside and stripping!

We had an early morning meeting with the Reds and promptly took care of business on the field.  I couldn't wait to get back into the truck and get to S&M Ranch and start doing my thing.  There is plenty of activity at the Ranch today and with all the rain we have had in Southeast Texas lately I needed to spend some time working on the outside.  So, I spent two hours getting the grass nice and manicured. 

I tended to the bushes next.  I have about 50 Blueberry bushes and they needed some attention so I watered them and spent some quality time with them.
Now for some excitement...Time to start stripping!  I moved the dresser outside that we are making into a bar and brushed on the paint stripper. Yea, that's what I did.  We scraped and scraped and removed some of the old paint.  But the Lady was needing some attention.
She loves to roll around outside in the water and the grass and the dirt and anything and everything.  She is a Australian Shepherd / Lab mix.  So we sprayed her with some water and scrubbed her down with some nice smelling soap and of course rinsed. 
Our day is done and I worked up a hunger.  What's a great comfort food to satisfy a massive hunger? 
Hmm,  Very good...Tamale Pie.  Here goes!
The Taco Meat:
1 Lb Ground Meat
1/2 Cup Chili Powder
3 Tblsp Cumin
2 Tblspn Paprika
2 Tblspn Mexican Oregano
Dash Salt
1 Tsp Cayenne Pepper
2 tsp Mexican Hot Sauce
1 4 Oz can tomato sauce
1/2 Cup Velveeta  Cheese cubed.  (Optional but it adds a rich flavor)
Brown ground meat.  When its about half way done, dust the ground meat with chili powder and cumin.  Stir.  Add salt.  Stir.  Add tomato sauce and stir.  Add remaining ingredients and stir.  Bring to boil and then lower heat.  Cook on low for about 10 minutes.  Give it a taste and adjust seasoning accordingly.

The Tamales:

I use homemade Tamale's that you can get at the store and I steam them in my rice cooker.  Very simple very easy!  Steam in steamer with shuck still on for about 30 minutes.


 The Rice:
OK this is really simple! I use Knorr Mexican Rice in a pouch.  .99 cents and just add water!
Prepare this and set aside.
Putting it together!
Preheat the oven to 350.  In an oven safe dish start the layering.  Fill the bottom with rice.
Next add the tamales by lining them up on top of the rice.
Next add the taco meat.  Smooth scoop it on top of the tamales.
Top with grated cheddar or Mexican blend of grated cheese.
Place in the center of the oven and cook for 10 minutes.