Friday, April 19, 2013

Ribeye with Tuscany Rosemary Rub

Ribeye and Tuscany Rosemary Rub

Ribeye Steak
If you aren't getting any tonight, don't blame this rub!
Friday night is steak night at our house.  We eat fish and chicken all week and after a long stressful week we liven things up a bit.  I'm always looking for something different to rub on my meat and of course it needs to be worldly! 

Italy has been on my mind as of late, not sure why but it has.  So I figured that we can take a trip upper regions of Italy and roam the fields and vineyards of Tuscany.  I hear the landscapes in Tuscany are stunning.  Tuscany is famous for its wines such as the Chianti and Morellino di Scansanojust to name a few.  High quality beef comes from the valley's a Tuscany.  This is where we get Florentine Steak.
Ok enough with the geography lesson, back to my steak!

This rub has a very aromatic sent and is hopping with intense flavor.  I love Rosemary and I use it for many things such as Rosemary butter spreads for breads and Rosemary potatoes and the like. 
This Tuscany Rosemary rub is serving dual roles tonight.  I rubbed the well marbled Ribeye steak with half of it then I used the other half for my toasted garlic bread. 

Eat out tonight at home!  I prefer to rub one side of my meat and let the other side go naked with its wonderful meaty flavor.  I always cook the seasoned / rubbed side down first so that it seasons the grill or pan.  Cook on high heat for about 3 minutes then flip and cook for another 3 minutes.  On a high heat this is about medium rare.  Adjust cooking time to your liking.
As always I use charcoal but you can use what works best for you.  Heat the coals 30 minutes ahead of time and get them nice and hot.  I like to do the direct and indirect method just in case I get into a bind and need to move my meat to a part of the grill that's not so hot.

Ok it's just about time to fire up the grill and get it prepped.  I have a hot lady in my kitchen making some home made French Crullers!  This is going to be a great evening...I can feel it!
I'll post pictures (of the food of course) to this post soon!  So pour you a glass of your favorite beverage, put on some Pink Floyd or Al Green, perhaps light a candle, slip into something convenient, and enjoy the evening.  Once you put this rubbed steak on a plate,  look into your lovers eye's and smile.  Then take a bite!  This works every time for me...Give it a try, the ladies love it!
Make a toast to Chef Scotty B!