Monday, June 9, 2014

Texas Style Smoked Spare Ribs

Texas Style Smoked Spare Ribs

Texas Style Smoked Spare Ribs

Spare Ribs with Sweet and Smokey Slather

Many men have that desire to be a professional pit master and travel and do their thing at shows and contests all over.  I had my stint doing something similar and I have to say that it was truly fun...hard work but fun!  By the way, I love the word slather!

That being said, every man (or lady) can be their very own pit master in their back yard and have a fantastic time doing it.  You don't even need a fancy smoker, you can use a traditional charcoal pit if that's more convenient.

For those that are a little intimidated by a massive amount of meat ( meat - makes me giggle, I'm immature), here is a simple recipe and process that will raise some eyebrows. We have only a few ingredients for the rub and a simple yet complex slather that's a life changer. So, ladies on fathers day, give your man some meat for him to throw onto the pit.  And men, give your lady some of this meat and her eyes will roll back in her head....I promise!  But at least give me an assist on it.

OK here goes....

Texas Style Smoke Spare Ribs Instructions:

The Meat and Rub:

Rack of Spare Ribs, or two, or three...Or Baby Back, whichever you prefer.
1 Jar of Grill Mates Apple Wood Rub per rack!
1.5 Cups Dark Brown Sugar

Rub your meat:
Rub your meat.  Remove the membrane if you wish.  I don't.  Liberally sprinkle and rub the Grill Mates Apple Wood Rub all over the ribs on both sides.  Save a little though.  Flip it back over and sprinkle the brown sugar all over the ribs and repeat for the other side.  Then add more of Grill Mates Rub on top of the brown sugar.  Pat it down to get it into the meat a little.  I prefer to pat than rub.  Rub tends to remove the seasoning IMHO.  Place the ribs in an aluminum throw away pan.   Now it's ready for the pit!

The Slather / Baste:

1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 Cup Worcestershire Sauce
1/4 Cup Ketchup
1/4 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Tbl Spn Creole Mustard
2 Tbl Spn Liquid Smoke
2 Tbl Spn Sea Salt
1 Tbl Spn Cayenne Pepper
Mix all very well until sugar is completely dissolved. Stick your finger in it and taste it.....Good stuff huh?  Set aside.

Lets turn up the heat:

Prepare your smoker or grill and get the temperature to 225 to 250.  Place ribs smoker or grill careful not to get it to close to the heat.  Take a temp reading at various parts of the smoker to try and get it in the area of 250 if possible.  Place the ribs on the pit inside the aluminum pan at the appropriate place.

We're going to let it smoke for at least 4 hours.  Maybe less on a charcoal grill and possibly longer on a larger smoker.  You at least want to make sure it's mostly cooked.  I smoked this one for about 5 hours between 240 and 260.

Every 45 minutes to an hour mop or brush your slather all over the ribs.  About 2 hours into the smoke, flip it over and baste the other side (the underside where the membrane is.  Cut the membrane is you wish.  I did not.  I live on the edge.  Smoke like this for an hour then flip back over.

Continue to baste for the entire cooking time.  Remove and let it set for about 15 minutes to finish cooking.  Remove the ribs from the pan and pour the drippings (Au Ju) into a bowl, see below - OMG!

Cut the ribs into the sizes you desire and dig in.  Remember, I get an assist guys!
Maybe a nice Chardonnay and consider this for a music choice....Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter.