Friday, March 1, 2013

Fresh Water Bass in Zesty Marinara Sauce with Pesto Cheesy Rice

Fresh Water Bass in Zesty Marinara Sauce

Accompanied by Pesto, Garlic and Italian Cheese Rice! 

I'm in the computer / technology business and I'm lucky to be able to sit and visit with my best buddy each morning before the reality of broken computers and phone systems kick in.  He and I like to fish on Lake Toledo Bend lake here in East Texas and Derek had to go to his house and take some fish out of the freezer to thaw for the evening. 

Well that's all that I needed to get the juices flowing.  I asked him how he normally cooks it because I get so tired of baked Tilapia all of the time.  He told me about a recipe that he cooked a few nights ago that had the Bass bathing in a simmering pot of stewed tomatoes.
Ok so at this point my mouth is watering.  I asked him to take out an extra bag of fish for me so that I could cook it.  This is a variation of his recipe.  Of course if you don't have Bass, you can use any fish that you like.  I think a milder fish such as Tilapia works well with it.


Prepare the Fish:
2 Tbl Spn Basil
2 Tbl Spn Oregano
1 Tbl Spn Garlic Powder
Dash Salt and Pepper
Sprinkle liberally on the fish and set aside.
1/2 Onion Chopped
1/2 Red Bell Pepper Chopped
1/2 Green Bell Pepper Chopped
3 Clove minced garlic
1Tbl Spn Olive Oil
Sauté all ingredients above.  Then add:

1 Can Stewed Tomatoes
1 Can Rotel Tomatoes with Green Chilli's (yea I know, it's hot)
1 can tomato paste
1 Tbl Spn Worcestershire Sauce
1/2 Tbl Spn Liquid Smoke
1 Tbl Spn Red Wine Vinegar
2 Tbl Spn Brown Sugar
1 Tbl Spn Minced Garlic
1 Tbl Spn Basil or your favorite Italian seasonings
1/4 Cup Italian Cheese Mix Grated
Salt and Pepper to taste
Stir well and let simmer on medium heat for about 5 minutes.
Add the fish and baste each peace in the sauce.
Cook for about 15 minutes on a medium low simmer until fish is white and flakey.
oh...Very nice!


Pesto, Garlic Italian Cheese Rice.

Cook a pot of rice (you know how).  This is for 1 cup of rice.
Add 1 Tbl Spn Minced Garlic
1 Tbl Spn Pesto (buy it or make it)
About a 1/4 Cup of Grated Italian Cheese Blend (or Parmesan if you prefer)
Dash of Olive Oil for moisture.
Salt and Pepper to taste.
Stir all ingredients together and get ready to dance.
That's it! 
I hope that you try it and like it.  Uh....Let me know.