Sunday, October 23, 2016

Southeast Texas Recipes and Food

Food and Recipes of Southeast Texas

Food lovers of Southeast Texas take note of the beginning roots of  The Chef Scott Borel experience has grown over the years and I'm proud to say that the respect that is bestowed onto me in respect to my culinary skills is humbling.  As a Foodie of Southeast Texas, I take pride in the cooking culture of our area that includes Beaumont, Houston, Galveston and all of the surrounding areas in Texas.  Now that I have reached this level of cooking respect, the question remains, what should I do next! came to be due to a series of experiments designed to be proof of concepts to take advantage of the reputation of Chef Scott Borel.  From catering to online prepared meal ordering, each of these had some success however it still didn't feed the spirit of what I wanted to achieve. 

Preparing good food and sharing it with others is certainly filled with satisfaction.  But it only enabled me to reach a limited number of people that would get to experience a culinary creation seasoned with the passion of someone that truly cares and wants others to experience something different.

After visiting with many people in the area, simply meeting them at various restaurants in Beaumont and Galveston, I came to the conclusion that what Southeast Texas needed was a Foodie community.  A community that is not constrained by finances, people skills, stature in the community.  We need a community that enabled Foodies and Household Chef's of all shapes, color, ethnicity, sizes - you name it - to share their love and passion for their favorite family recipes.  

Those who are rewarded are not the contributors of the recipes.  No, it's all of Southeast Texas and the entire world that is truly rewarded.  It's the reader, the customer, the sampler, the home Chef that is really the one blessed.

So, how do I bring this community of people together?  The culmination of a diverse culture that draws it's food creativity and flavors from all over the world features Creole flavors of Louisiana, spicy creations from India, Earthy flavors from the Mediterranean and certainly the amazing flavors and culture of Mexico and even Latin America.  We bring together this Foodie community of Beaumont, Houston, Port Arthur, Galveston and all of the areas of Southeast Texas, with! is a website that features recipes of our Southeast Texas community neighbors. Submitting your recipe with pictures enables anyone to share their love for food with the entire community.  Visitors of can participate by rating the submitted recipes, leave comments and more.  The creators of this Southeast Texas Foodies website often sponsors cooking contests that pays the winner food gift cards and features the recipes in certain sections of the website.

As the site evolves, and more Southeast Texas locals submit their recipes, we hope to add local grocery store support and sponsorship as well as local restaurants and more.

So if you love to cook, share your passion with the world. wants your recipes!